[FREE iPHONE APP] AirBrush – Best Selfie Editor to Look Your Best

Today FREE iPhone App of the day is AirBrush.

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What is the app about?
AirBrush is an image editor app, specializing in editing selfie image to alter minor imperfections such as removing blemishes like pimples, brighten teeth and smile, smoothing the skin and so on.

Very Easy to Use
I have to admit, AirBrush is the simplest selfie / photo editor I ever found so far.

The app has 6 menus: smooth (for skin), blemish (to remove things like pimples), whiten (for teeth), brighten (for eyes), concealer (for dark circle below eyes), filter (to give filter to the photo).
All you need to do to start editing is tap on one of the menu and tap on the object. That's it. That simple.

You can see the before edit and after edit photo. If you feel the edit is not that good, just tap cancel to remove all the edit you have done.
For example, you want to remove pimples from the photo of your face, tap on Blemish, then..

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[FREE iPHONE GAME] Tap Tap Dash – Simple Yet Fun and Addictive Game to Play – Complete all 250 levels

Today FREE iPhone Game of the day is Tap Tap Dash.

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What is this game about?
Tap Tap Dash is a rather simple game but fun and addictive to be played. Like the game title, all you need to do is to tap the screen when the character is about to step on the green 'arrow' sign.

Failed to do so on time, will make your character – which looks like Angry Birds seeing from top – to fall down to the edge.
Game Objective
Complete the available 250 levels. Each completed level will be your checkpoint, so whenever you are game over, you don't need to redo all over from 1st level, but to redo from what level you are on last time.

Unlock the Characters
First time playing, you will use the Angry Birds like character. However the more you complete the levels, the more character you will have.

The game also has feature character that can only be unlocked if you are login to your Facebook account.
The Ver..

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[FREE iPHONE GAME] 1010! – Tetris-like Puzzle game with some additional of fun features

Today FREE iPhone Game of the day is 1010!

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What the game is about?
1010! is an easy to play and addictive puzzle game. It is pretty much similar like a Tetris, except the part that the blocks didn't go down/fall down once you match the whole blocks at the bottom.

So all you need to do is to either fill 'container' with blocks from left to right or from bottom to top, to get them removed and score a point. Redo this over and over again until you get the highest score.

Each turn you will be given 3 blocks shape, make sure all these 3 can be put to the container, otherwise it will be a game over. No time limit, no color to match. Easy but need strategy.
The Verdict
Simple yet fun and addictive game to play with. Don't play 1010! while you are trying to get sleep at night, otherwise you end up yourself awake until 3 am in the morning. Trust me!
>> Current Version 9
>> Price F..

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[FREE iPHONE APP] Goalify – Reach Your Goal, Help Improve Your Consistency – A Must Have app

Today FREE iPhone App of the day is Goalify.

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What the app is about
Goalify is the perfect companion app to help you improving your consistency and achieving your goal.

First time setup
Either you setup an account or just kick-start it.
Set Your Goal
Tap the create a goal button to create one. You will be prompted to create the goal name and the category of the goal.

There are currently 9 categories available to choose, from career, diet, health to relationship and spiritual.

Next step is to setup how will your work on achieving your goal. Choose the interval, whether it is daily, weekly, monthly and choose the amount and how many of the amount you should have it.
Next step is to setup when you will start your goal and until when.
Well congratulation, you just setup your first goal.
Continue to do the same to create another goal.
Execute the Goal
After the goal is setup, now is the time to execute t..

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[FREE iPHONE APP] Plant Nanny – Personal Drink Reminder with Cute Plant to grow with – Each cup of water you drink, it will shower the plant

Today FREE iPhone App of the day is Plant Nanny.

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About the app
Plant Nanny is an app that at the same time is a game that reminds you to have enough drink within the day while taking care of a plant of your choice.
The idea is each and every time you drink a glass of water, the plant will also absorb the water and make it grows.
Fill in your particular
Next step is to fill in your preferences and particular such as select the unit for water: ml or oz, your body weight: kg or lbs, your activity level: sedentary, regular or active.

Based on these 3 input, Plant Nanny will calculate how much water you need to drink every day.
Choose the Plant and Flowerpot
Next step is to choose the plant and the pot.

For the plant, they have devil's ivy, dandelion, cactus and few other choices.
For the pot, they have the orange pot, ceramic pot, gift box and few other choices.

For me, I choose devil's ivy for..

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[FREE iPHONE APP] Happify – Your Personal Happiness Trainer – Boost Your Happiness

Today FREE iPhone App of the day is Happify.

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Love & Happy
Everybody loves to be happy, to get happy. However not everybody including me and probably you can 'always' be happy each and every moment. And that's where Happify comes into picture.

Help to boost your happiness
Happify is an app that through its programs, try to boost its user happiness.

First time starting the app, you will be asked a few questions such as gender and creativeness, these initial questions will be used to recommend you the sessions that are recommended for you to take based on your answers.
Require to have User ID & Privacy Setting
Either sign up with your Facebook or create a new account using your email, Happify needs you to sign up.

Once signed up, you can choose to go private or community mode. Where in private, everything is private, while in community mode, you can get feedback from other members.

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[FREE iPHONE APP] Photo Collage Maker Infinity – Infinite Layout, Background and Frame to choose from!

Today FREE iPhone App of the day is Photo Collage Maker.

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Hundreds of layouts!
Thinking of combining multiple photos into funny frames patterns, awesome photo grids and giving matching background?
Photo Collage Maker has hundreds of layouts to choose from.
First choose your layouts, then pick your photos. Enhance your photos the way you like it with the editor.

Then adjust the layout border and line.

Choose the matching background color with your photos.

Then finally select your frames.

This app offers in-app purchases.
This app can be played offline/without internet access.
Current version 4.3 requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with the following iOS devices:
iPhone 3GS and up, compatible with iPhone 6SiPod Touch 4th Gen and upiPad 2 and up iPad Mini and up Here is the Apple App Store download link:

Or scan below using your iPhone / iOS devices to get the download link:

Daily amazing FREE APPS..

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[FREE iPHONE GAME] Hellrider – Not so spooky game to accompany your Halloween

Today FREE iPhone Game of the day to accompany your Halloween is Hellrider.

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Spooky character but fun to play
Hellrider is an action motor-ride crush em' game with its spooky-but-not-so-scary grim reaper character.

Simple objectives
This Halloween, all the skeleton monsters are rise from underground! Your mission is to crush em' sent 'em back to where they belong!

Simple control
One thing funny is that your bike can't really go straight. You need to ride the bike zigzag-ly.
Tap the screen to change direction. First tap it will goes to the right, tap one more time, it will change direction to the left. That simple.
Meet the Boss
After certain time crushing the skeleton monsters, you will catch up with the boss.

Defeat him! Throw him his own bomb.

Meet other characters
Getting bored with the Grim Reaper? Change your character in the Shop menu. Meet 'Dora' the explorer rid..

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[FREE iPHONE GAME] Bike Unchained – Adventure Cycling Game with Real World Locations and Real World Championship Rider

Today FREE iPhone Game of the day is Bike Unchained.

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What is the game about?
Bike Unchained is an adventure cycling game with nice graphics and intuitive control.

Build Your Crew
First starting the game, you will be headed to the training. Follow the training to learn how to ride the bike in this game.

Once the training done, next is to get and build your crew. Get your first sponsor pack which includes your first bike and random biker.

Collect different riders with their different skills: tricks, speed, endurance, for different challenges to ensure the winning chance.

Worldwide locations
The game has about 60 tracks and 3 amazing real world locations, from Japan, the Alps and Whistler.

Online and Offline
The game can be played offline, although when first starting the game, you will need an internet connection.

Great graphics, great control and great gameplay. Having real world's top..

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[FREE iPHONE APP] Yumly – Local and International Recipes with Add to Shopping List Feature, Ingredients, Direction, Nutrition Facts

Today FREE iPhone App of the day is Yumly.

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From Tacos to Thai food
Well, who doesn't love to eat?

Yumly is an app that share and give inspiration about food recipes to either to you who do the cooking, or your wife/husband/mother/father/anyone that do the cooking.
Never ever runs out of ideas what to cook today. And never ever again doing trial and error cooking just because you don't know the exact ingredients. Yumly has it all for you for FREE!
Discover Local and International Recipes
Find anything on Yumly, either local or international recipes. Turn on the location services so that the app can detect your whereabouts and then show popular recipes in your area.

Bookmark that favorite recipes of yours
Find any interesting recipes, yum (read: bookmark) it to your account.

Bookmarking, requires you to have an account. You can register a FREE account either using Facebook, Google ID or any e..

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