[FREE iPHONE APP] ViddSee – Watch Short Movies from Action, Drama, Inpirational, Romance, Thriller and more

Today FREE iPhone App of the day is Viddsee.

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What is Viddsee?
Viddsee is an app that host independent Asian short movies or films, although when I browsed the app, I can find non-Asian movies hosted inside.

How is it different from YouTube?
The main difference between Viddsee and YouTube is that all videos hosted on Viddsee is considered “high grade” in a sense that they really are films and have story/plot and not just any funny video recorded and uploaded. Video on Viddsee also curated and picked from the best all around Asian although like I said earlier, I can find non-Asian short films.

Offline Mode
Does not have time now for watching the movie? Don't worry, unlike YouTube, there is an offline mode for you on Viddsee.

The Finale
From inspiration, romance, dramas, thrillers, action, documentaries and many more genres all available on Viddsee. If you are bored with videos on YouTube or with y..

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[FREE iPHONE APP] Pop The Lock – How many you can unlock before get stressed and annoyed?

Today FREE iPhone App of the day is Pop The Lock.

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Simple Game Simple Objective
Pop The Lock is another simple game with simple objective but highly addictive and at the same time annoying. All you need to do is to tap the screen whenever the red line is passing the yellow marker.
Match the most Score the Highest
Start with level 1. You need to only match the red line to the yellow marker once. The number of matching goes up with your level. If you are on level 19 now, that means you need to match 19 times.

See how level high you can get before get annoyed or stressed!
The Finale
This game trains your patience, focus and accuracy level and stress management whether you can still score when you are annoyed enough.
This game is totally FREE. No in-app purchases.
This app/game can be played offline/without internet access.
Current version 1.4 requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with the following iOS ..

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[FREE iPHONE GAME] Billionaire – Learn How to be Rich The Fun way – A game that teach you how to invest

Today FREE iPhone Game of the day is Billionaire.

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A game about investment
Billionaire is a game that teach you how to invest and become rich in the end (of course if you managed it correctly).
Gameplay & Objective
Start with $1000 capital. Your objective in Billionaire is to be come wealthy billionaire by investing in business.
With the start capital given, you can choose all the available initial business, such as pizza delivery, lemonade stand, hotdog cart or gift wrapper booth.

For me, I first chose pizza delivery because it brings the most revenue compare to other initial business.
Expand your business
With revenue that is coming, you can use the money to expand your business. Reach certain limit to unlock new businesses.

Speed Up by Tapping
When you build something, you can help speeding it up by tapping on the screen.

However, you can also make use of sorcery (that's what they call help in..

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[FREE iPHONE APP] BetterNet – FREE Unlimited VPN Service

Today FREE iPhone App of the day is BetterNet.

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BetterNet is an app that provides unlimited VPN service that is totally FREE.
VPN Service
Sometimes you are being blocked, either by country, ISP, or office from accessing certain websites/contents/apps, and that's where VPN service comes into place. Activate the VPN service and boom! You are free to access any websites/contents/apps.
Easy Setup
No need to input here and there, all you need to do is first install the profile (first time setup) and then once the profile is installed, just click the “connect” button.

Once the [VPN] logo is appearing then you are connected already to the VPN service.

Why BetterNet is FREE
While other VPN provider usually charge you either based on time or based on quota, BetterNet is free because there are people including you who are willing to be volunteer. It's not so hard to be a volunteer to help BetterNet, yo..

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[FREE iPHONE GAME] Spinny Circle – Test your Speed, Accuracy and Agility!

Today FREE iPhone Game of the day is Spinny Circle.

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Game about Agility
Spinny Circle is another simple yet fun and addictive to play. The game is about speed, agility and accuracy. Sound complex huh?! No, apparently not.
Gameplay & Objective
You have a circle in your phone screen and 1 ball. Once you tapped, the ball will begin to fall. The objective is to match whatever the ball color is with the bottom of the circle. If the ball is orange, then you have to rotate the circle until the base of the circle is orange. Then you are safe for one round.

Once the ball hit the ground, the ball will change its color to another color, say green. Then you need to again rotate the circle so that the base is green. Do this over and over until you gain highest score.
2 game modes
2 Game modes: one-way rotate and two-way rotate.
In one-way rotate mode, the game doesn't care whether you tap on left or right of th..

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[FREE iPHONE GAME] Minions Paradise – Build your Minions Island!

Today FREE iPhone Game of the day is Minions Paradise.

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The story begin with Phil and all his minions friends was on cruise vacation until Phil done something terrible that causing the cruise to hit a rock and sinking.
Then the story continues when Phil found a small island, then he is thinking how can he redeem the mistakes he did so that the rest of his minions friends won't get angry with him.

Unlike the previous Minions game (read: Despicable Me), this time the gameplay is simulation game, more like the Sims or Hey Day where you need to build and plan something to reach the game objectives.

The game objective is to create a paradise island containing from bars, beach volleyball courts, hot tubs and so many more of mini games. Catch the electric eels and plant firefly trees to get the power and light from them.

Either you are a fan of minions or just know them, t..

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[FREE iPHONE GAME] Towers Runner – Collect coins, Save the girls and Avoid falling off the building

Today FREE iPhone Game of the day is Towers Runner.

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Towers Runner is a simple game with simple objective and simple 8-bit graphics.
You are playing as the skinny-tall runner, all you need to do is tap the screen to change direction. When first tapping the screen, he will move to the right. Tap one more time to switch direction to the left.
Avoid obstacles such as billboards and avoid getting fall to the ground. Help the girls you find on your way to the top of building, collect coins and survive as long as you can to reach end of the building and continue to next level.

If you can play, enjoy and become addicted with Flappy Bird, then Towers Runner will do the same to you. For me, I find the game is a bit annoying because I was stuck multiple times at the same place.

This game offers in-app purchase to remove ads.
This app/game can be played offline/without internet access.C..

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[FREE iPHONE GAME] Quickboy – Fast-Paced Parkour Theme Adventure Game

Today FREE iPhone Game of the day is Quickboy. A game by Netmarble games.

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From the maker of LINE Let's Get Rich – a fun monopoly game, this time the developer create something new, fast paced adventure with parkour theme: Quickboy.

The story starts with the world is now dominated with zombies. There are thousands or even millions of people need help, from food to shelter, everything. That's where Quickboy skill is needed.

Your objectives are relatively simple. Few basic objectives are that you have to reach the end of every stage, get 3 stars and surpass the required scores. Each and every stages will have their unique objectives.

Control & Character
This fast paced game requires you to act quickly as well.

Avoid any obstacles heading towards you by jumping or double jumping or sliding.

At first, you can only use the boy named Tommy Hawk, but along the way, once you get e..

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[FREE iPHONE APP] Camcorder – Record VHS Home Video Like It Was from 80s/90s

Today FREE iPhone App/Game of the day is Camcorder.

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Record old skool
Camcorder is an app that will record anything with video quality just back in the 80s-90s VHS era.
If you ever lived in that era, the record result was usually having some kind of glitch, together with the date and time stamped on the video.
Great for fun and social media
Camcorder app is great for recording video just for fun or video intended for social media, such as Instagram, as it will make you friends question you, is the video an old video or brand new one.

Landscape only
The app right now support only landcape recording, so if you are recording under portrait mode, the result will still be in landscape mode.

Support Selfie Video
Camcorder can record video from back/main camera or front camera, so enjoy making selfie like it was invented on 80s.
The Camcorder app is totally FREE, no limitation on features or how long ..

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[FREE iPHONE APP] Medium – A New Media to Read and Share Ideas, News, Articles

Today FREE iPhone app of the day is Medium.

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Medium is a new platform for blogging, read news, articles, opinion and other things. Where at the same time you can also be part of it by contributing your idea, story or whatever you want to share.
Custom tailored to your interest
At medium, you can choose topics that you are having interest with, from tech to humor, from love to food. Basically any topics are there at Medium.

Twitter alike…
Using Medium, you can also follow people or publishers, just like at Twitter.

If you found some interesting article, you can recommend it to your follower or if you have some comments regarding the article, you can submit your own response at the bottom of the page.

Why choose Medium over the rest blogging platform
Medium is built to be mobile-friendly both reading and writing.
So if you are a reader, you can get insights, ideas, news that is custom tailored..

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