[FREE iPHONE APP] Camcorder – Record VHS Home Video Like It Was from 80s/90s

Today FREE iPhone App/Game of the day is Camcorder.

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Record old skool
Camcorder is an app that will record anything with video quality just back in the 80s-90s VHS era.
If you ever lived in that era, the record result was usually having some kind of glitch, together with the date and time stamped on the video.
Great for fun and social media
Camcorder app is great for recording video just for fun or video intended for social media, such as Instagram, as it will make you friends question you, is the video an old video or brand new one.

Landscape only
The app right now support only landcape recording, so if you are recording under portrait mode, the result will still be in landscape mode.

Support Selfie Video
Camcorder can record video from back/main camera or front camera, so enjoy making selfie like it was invented on 80s.
The Camcorder app is totally FREE, no limitation on features or how long ..

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[FREE iPHONE APP] Medium – A New Media to Read and Share Ideas, News, Articles

Today FREE iPhone app of the day is Medium.

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Medium is a new platform for blogging, read news, articles, opinion and other things. Where at the same time you can also be part of it by contributing your idea, story or whatever you want to share.
Custom tailored to your interest
At medium, you can choose topics that you are having interest with, from tech to humor, from love to food. Basically any topics are there at Medium.

Twitter alike…
Using Medium, you can also follow people or publishers, just like at Twitter.

If you found some interesting article, you can recommend it to your follower or if you have some comments regarding the article, you can submit your own response at the bottom of the page.

Why choose Medium over the rest blogging platform
Medium is built to be mobile-friendly both reading and writing.
So if you are a reader, you can get insights, ideas, news that is custom tailored..

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