Super Mario All Stars

Super Nintendo Version. From the Manufacturer Super Mario All Stars is a collection of Mario’s four greatest adventures in one awesome game pack. With improved graphics and sound for the Super NES, SMB1, SMB2, SMB3, and the Lost Levels, demonstrate the 16 bit excellence we’ve become accustomed to.
Released as SMB2 in Japan, the Lost Levels’ design and play control will remind you of SMB1 but the challenge is far beyond any previous SMB game. The game features multiple scrolling backgrounds, 52 levels of play and lots of enemies for Mario to crush.
System Requirements:
to configure the snes games to your joypad / joysyick / control pad .
download and install game
press escape
in the menu select config
in config select ‘imput ‘
choose the keys you wish for your gamepad
exit and enjoy
confirm for others that the game is virus free and working .
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